(Gosip) Luahan Engku Emran Terhadap Erra Fazira

So touching~ Jom baca luahan hati Engku Emran kepada Erra Fazira.

Salam ALL…ok this wil be my last pix for tday and id like to dedicate this posting to ALL of u who hv doa-ed fr the best for this innocent girl’s parents…tq fr giving me the idea to create the hashtag on her baju…we were in KLCC last nite to look fr a place that can do as such but failed…but Alhamdulillah tday Aleesya n I managed to find a shop that wud do it…last nite Aleesya n I had an intimate chat again…i asked her if she wud help me win back Mom…and she replied YES!!! wtout hesitating followed by a looooong giggle…Aleesya only giggles when shes v excited


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